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Sign Basics Part 1: Exterior Non-Illuminated Building Signs

CSD Communications

When it comes to types of outdoor signage for businesses there are numerous options available. In our Sign Basics series, we will explain three types of building signs: non-illuminated exterior, illuminated exterior and interior. Read on to learn how your business, school, health facility and living community can utilize non-illuminated exterior signage to make a good first impression anyone even walks through the door.

Types of Non-Illuminated Exterior Customs Signs

Custom signs will make your store front stand out from competing signage or landscaping. The following types of outdoor signage are non-illuminated options that make a big statement.


Blade signs 

These types of building signs project from walls, pillars or store fronts via a pole, typically hanging perpendicular to the flow of traffic. They are most common in urban areas with limited space and in outdoor malls that make use of pedestrian walkways.



Channel Letter Signs

These business signs are also referred to as dimensional lettering signs. Channel letter signs are made up of individual 3D letters and logos, and are usually installed directly above a main entrance. This type of business sign is most common for retail locations and is used almost exclusively in most strip malls.


Post and Panel Signs

Best for open areas, this type of outdoor signage is most often used for location identification and wayfinding. It is installed on poles and may also be called directional or freestanding signs.



Monument Signs

Monument signage is large and permanent. These custom signs are anchored into the ground with columns hidden by decorative masonry or an aluminum skirt. This type of outdoor signage is meant to be viewed at eye-level and is typically used as the main identification or entryway sign.


Awnings and Canopies

Constructed out of non-rigid materials, these types of building signs are mounted on a supporting structure that is attached to an exterior wall.



Manual Reader Boards

These classic business signs utilize vinyl letters on a track system that are manually switched out.





Design & Material Options for Non-Illuminated Exterior Signage

When it comes to selecting a custom sign, the following optional are also available:

  • Plastic materials include acrylic, painted PVC and vinyl.
  • Metals options include rust-and rot-resistant aluminum, brass, bronze and copper.
  • Other types of signage material include letter foam, rock, brick and stone.
  • Sign faces can have either three dimensional or cabinet lettering.
  • You can utilize standoffs or not.


All non-illuminated exterior signs from Creative Sign Designs are made from high-quality materials that resist fading and can stand up to all environmental elements. Contact us today to start designing your custom business signs.

Why Invest in Solar Powered Signs

CSD Communications

When it comes to solar energy capacity, Tampa is one of the top cities to watch nationwide! This is according to the 2017 “Shining Cities” report from the Frontier Group and Environmental Research and Policy. Tampa is in 32 place nationally when it comes to overall solar capability, which is a measure of how many watts per person of solar energy is produced in a given location.

Tampa’s current solar capability is just shy of 25 watts of installed solar capacity per person, which puts the Creative Sign Designs’ headquarters at the cusp of the “solar leaders” category.

Understanding the How and Why of ADA Code-Compliant Signage

CSD Communications

Currently, there are approximately 2.5 million Americans that are legally blind and millions of others who suffer from limited vision. In the coming years, as Baby Boomers age, the need for signage that makes public spaces accessible will become even more important.

But how?

The American Disabilities Act regulates signage to ensure that people with disabilities have easy access to navigate buildings and communal space. The ADA code-compliant guidelines enforce that signs have high contrast, tactile letters and braille for optimal readability.

Innovative Vision to Custom Signage Creation

CSD Communications

Bringing custom signage to life that is going to be distinguishable and leave an impression, has quickly become our specialty. Our process is unique in how a custom sign develops from an idea, to a drawing, to its material form and finally, to installation. In order to acquire these innovative projects, we partner with companies that think outside of the box and aren’t afraid to try something new. It’s when the creative juices start flowing that something truly amazing happens.

At Creative Sign Designs, we strive to develop turnkey signage solutions that are unique and embody the creative vision.  Check out these projects that put the creative in our name to the test!

Digital Signage Solutions for Hospitality

CSD Communications


In an industry where guest experience is everything, many hotels are moving beyond traditional signage displays and incorporating digital signage solutions throughout their properties. Digital signage modernizes hotel lobbies, adds visual appeal and contributes to an upscale ambiance.

Here are some additional benefits of digital signage solutions for hospitality:

Healthcare Industry Digital Signage Solutions

CSD Communications

Digital signage is a functional alternative to traditional, stationary signage as it allows you to deliver real-time messaging to your target audience. Its capabilities,
when entirely and properly applied, serve as an excellent outlet for information.

Here are some benefits of digital signage solutions for the healthcare industry.


Happy 30th Anniversary, Creative Sign Designs!

CSD Communications

The Creative Sign Designs team celebrated its 30th anniversary last month with an open house, facility tours and cocktail reception at its headquarters in Tampa, FL. The celebration attracted more than 300 guests including the Mayor of Tampa Bob Buckhorn and garnered congratulations from Congressman Gus M. Bilirakis. 

This was the Mayor’s first time at the Creative headquarters and left with his very own, customized street sign.

“It is because of initiatives that Mayor Buckhorn has worked for while in office that Creative has been afforded the opportunity to help Tampa grow,” said President & CEO of Creative Jamie Harden. “The projects we’ve been involved with as part of the Mayor’s vision, Glazer Children’s Museum, the Tampa Riverwalk, Curtis Hixon Park and many more, are a significant reason why we are here today.”

We have two locations in Florida featuring more than 50,000 square feet of our product offerings. In Tampa and Orlando, we provide a glimpse into the endless possibilities in the sign world. We have created a whole new concept in signage, one that incorporates high-tech design and top-of-the-line construction.

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