Creative Sign Designs is an architectural design-build fabricator of custom interior and exterior signage solutions and corporate branding programs. Below are some of the steps our signage consultants take in our design-build approach to ensure a process that saves time and money.

Needs Assessment & Program Definition

For maximum effectiveness, it is essential that architectural signage programs are capable of guiding people to, through and out of facilities in an orderly manner. Our signage consultants fully understand this challenge and how to best facilitate traffic flow. In order to protect an investment for many years to come, we spend the time to understand needs and create a plan that gets it right the first time.
During the Program definition phase, our Project Managers will work with you to:

  • Establish Graphic Standards
  • Survey & Budget
  • Define Schedule & Performance Expectation

planning-designWayfinding Design

Creating a custom wayfinding system, a themed environment, or comprehensive branded experience requires specific attention to sightlines, traffic patterns, human behavior, usability issues, accessibility, landscape considerations, engineering, manufacturing, materials, and even weather. Our Wayfinding and Environmental Graphic Design Studio has the following abilities to leverage your brand and space to another level of importance, impact, and emotion:

  • Themed Environments & Experience Design
  • Strategic Curation of Spaces
  • Sign Type Hierarchy & Location Plan
  • Sign Size, Style & Color Review
  • Sign Installation & Maintenance Plan
  • Terminology Consistency Review
  • Permitting & Code Analysis

Fabrication & Installation

We have our own facilities and equipment that utilizes the latest in sign design and manufacturing technology to ensure the highest level of efficiency and quality. With our licensed and certified fleet of signage experts, we are comfortable incorporating a variety of materials to create your themed signage, including stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals, painted plastics and acrylics, 3Form and wooden laminates, electronic and illuminated signage. In addition, we understand the intricacies of timing and permitting and will ensure nothing holds the project up. During the fabrication and installation phase, we complete:

  • Construction Documentation
  • Schedule installation
  • Site surveys and analysis
  • Local code compliance and analysis
  • Client representation before government agencies (e.g. variances)
  • Utility checks


We connect people to brands and environments through unique visual experiences. Creative Sign Designs is an architectural design-build fabricator of custom interior and exterior signage and wayfinding solutions. Our sign consultants are focused on ensuring that the sign system is both cost-effective to produce and easy to maintain by the client. Our team works with clients and their marketing partners to make each branding effort a success and offers complete engineering sign design services and working drawings to help further define the intended result of a project.

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