Your parking lot says more about your brand than you might realize. A brightly lit parking area lets people know they are safe, while also attracting positive attention and guiding people to your business. On the other hand, a dim or dark parking lot with the bulbs burned out might send the message that your business is closed, unsafe, or rundown. Here are some top benefits of updating your parking lot lighting:

Increase Safety & Save on Energy Costs with Lighting

Do employees and customers feel safe walking through your parking lot at night? Will cars feel safe parked there? Bright parking lot lights and wayfinding uplighting help your business stand out and guide visitors to the right location — and they come with the added benefit of increasing safety. A brightly lit parking lot and walkway make it safer for customers and guests walking to and from your business. They can clearly see walkways, and lighting can also accent stairs and ramps, making guests less likely to trip and fall.

The lightbulbs you choose will have a significant impact on your bottom line. For the majority of our customers, we recommend energy-efficient exterior LED lights. They last longer and are more efficient. We helped Gator Ford along the I-4 corridor in Seffner, Florida save 10% each month on energy costs by switching to LED lighting and noticed a return on investment from the project within two years.

Enhance Wayfinding & Brand

If your customers are confused about how to get to your business and find parking, then you are creating a bad experience for them. Furthermore, confused or distracted drivers are more likely to get into accidents because they miss signage or are trying to navigate an unknown area. You can use parking lot lighting to brighten up your business, but also as a form of wayfinding. Focusing on illuminated signage and lighting on the exterior of your building and parking lot can also help you stand out from competitors, capture attention, and add modern appeal. From increasing the visibility of your brand and business at night to adding colors that complement and stand out for certain events, lighting can be a cost-effective way to light up your parking lot and get the attention of your audience.

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