Hospital Signage

Large healthcare facilities have a broad array of signage needs. From exterior signs that welcome and direct visitors to interior displays that showcase department names and room numbers, dozens of signs are needed in a hospital property.

Creative Sign Designs can successfully meet every hospital signage need. Our experienced team can implement a hospital signage program that provides solutions from top to bottom. We consider each unique signage need of your healthcare property and plan, design, build, and install every type of sign.

See how our team can fulfill all of your hospital signage and wayfinding needs. Request a free consultation with our team to learn more about our process and how our experienced team has led hospitality signage projects both large and small.

Benefits of Hospital Signage

Creative Sign Designs understands the complicated environments of hospitals and the importance of patient experience. We also know how signage impacts both of these elements. Our signage systems focus on providing benefits to improve both visitor experience and hospital operations.

  • Reduce visitor stress and anxiety
  • Help visitors find their way
  • Improve safety and keep visitors out of restricted areas
  • Create better visitor experiences
  • Meet ADA standards
  • Improve brand recognition and affinity

Hospital signage leads visitors and frames their experience. Talk to our team about how you can improve your signage to provide a better all-around experience for patients, visitors, and hospital staff.

Interior Hospital Signage

Interior hospital signage is essential for both guiding visitors through your property and making them feel comfortable during their visit. Modern, clean, and well-designed signage presents a polished, professional look that can warm up an otherwise sterile property. It can tell a story and even educate visitors and help them pass the time.

  • Office nameplates
  • Room number signage
  • Floor and department signage
  • Environmental branding
  • Donor, recognition, and history walls
  • Interactive room signage
  • Digital signage and kiosks

Talk to our team about how we can create a holistic interior hospital signage program that meets all of your on-site needs.

Exterior Hospital Signage

Impressions about your hospital start from the moment visitors drive up to your property. Exterior signage and lighting shapes their initial ideas and feelings about your hospital.

It also helps them find their way. Visitors in a rush need clear directions that guide them and make them feel safe when they enter your property. You can use exterior signage and lighting to welcome visitors and direct them to their location.

  • Exterior signs
  • Exterior signage lighting
  • Monument signage
  • Parking lot signage and lighting

Work with our team to conduct a needs assessment on your property to see how improved exterior hospital signage and lighting can improve visitor experience.

Healthcare Wayfinding Signage

It’s no secret that hospitals can be difficult to navigate. Intuitive signage is one of the best ways to resolve this issue. By using signage, color-coding, visuals, and wayfinding kiosks, you can make your hospital property much easier to navigate — and in turn, ease the anxiety and stress of your visitors.

  • Interactive kiosks
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Color-coding and visuals
  • ADA signage

Prevent visitors (and hospital staff) from getting lost. Talk to our team about implementing wayfinding signage that guides visitors from the minute they walk through the front door.


Hospital signage relies heavily on wayfinding consultation, capabilities in interior and exterior signage, and knowledgeable project management. Creative Sign Design’s team is highly experienced and well-versed in what is needed to create signage that is both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial for visitor experience.

Starting with a needs assessment, our team can lead the entire process from design and fabrication to installation and maintenance. Talk to our team to see how we can get started today.

Healthcare Signage Featured Projects

TGH North

In August 2023, Tampa General Hospital (TGH) reached out to CSD to discuss a new acquisition project with a completion deadline of December 1st. Recognizing the urgency, CSD immediately seized the opportunity to collaborate on this venture. The result being: survey 26 existing sites (Interior & Exterior) for all existing branded signage and qualify those needing updates, collaborate with the TGH team and design to coordinate each location’s logos and signage needs, design updates logo signs to cover existing signs for 14 locations, engineer and permit 6 locations, and install all signage within 48 hours. View project details and photos.

Jackson West Medical Center

Creative Sign Designs was responsible for all of the interior wayfinding and graphics, ADA signage, exterior monuments, and wall signs, regulatory signage, and other pedestrian wayfinding components. View project details and photos.

Baptist Health of Jacksonville

Baptist Health of Jacksonville had a newly built precast concrete parking garage on its campus. In collaboration with General Contractor, Haskell, Creative Sign Designs was contracted to fabricate and install the custom signage for the entire parking garage. View project details and photos.

Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Health Specialty Center

Creative Sign Designs is proud to have been selected to partner with Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Health Specialty Center in Wellington, FL. This 30,000 square foot facility provides specialty medical services for pediatric care. CSD worked closely with ANF Group and Memorial Regional Hospital to provide interior and exterior signage and to ensure the Joe DiMaggio trademarked brand was executed perfectly. Learn more about the scope and view images.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital

Sarasota Memorial Health Care System, an 839-bed regional medical center, is among the largest public health systems in Florida. With over 5,000 staff, over 900 physicians and 600 volunteers, it is one of Sarasota County’s largest employers.Creative Sign Designs project consisted of signage in their new parking garage and interior signage to their East Tower. View all photos.

Lakeland Regional Hospital

Creative Sign Designs is proud to have been involved in The Carol Jenkins Barnett Pavilion for Women and Children at Lakeland Regional Hospital, which is part of the Nemours Children’s Health System. This new 8 story 350,000+ square foot facility was created to provide healthcare to the women and children of the community. This new facility features the only Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Polk County. Learn more about the scope and view images.

Adventist Health System Solution Center

This Altamonte Springs, FL, facility represented a new step forward in a major non-profit healthcare organization’s storied journey. Adventist Health System had served the needs of millions of patients since 1973, when it required new signage for one of its offices, it came to Creative for assistance.

The new facility needed to be outfitted with signage for hundreds of workstations, multiple reception areas and functional lobbies. It also required signs for its exteriors and parking areas. Creative’s team members leveraged the full extent of their creative knowledge to come up with visually engaging solutions that complied with strict ADA regulations while fostering productivity and promoting employee interaction with the space.

St. Vincent’s Medical Center

This Middleburg, FL, hospital required signage to help it reaffirm its mission. Creative came to its aid by providing custom exterior and interior packages that clearly communicated the facility’s dedication to advancing philanthropic healthcare in and around Jacksonville.

Creative’s devotion to seeing this project through to its completion granted St. Vincent’s a unique opportunity to enhance its facility’s usability and deliver a superior overall healthcare experience. The Creative team is immensely proud to have helped make such a huge difference in the communities that this hospital serves.

More of Our Healthcare Partners Include


Creative Sign Designs serves our healthcare clients in our home in Florida and throughout the country. If you are looking for hospital signage solutions for a new property or are interested in updating the signage on an existing property, our team is here to help.

Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can bring your hospital signage vision to life.