Creative Sign Designs can be a partner for more than your signage needs! Through our extensive experience with illuminated signage, we have developed expertise in LED lighting. Our art team can create a new design or a retrofit solution for a myriad of lighting needs. We have boosted visibility in parking lots with brighter, more efficient LED lights. We have also elevated the look of properties with strategic lighting choices. We have enhanced monuments with LEDs that change color.

The Project Management team at Creative is your consultant throughout the process and our team of installers will complete the work professionally, on time, and on budget. Custom lighting solutions are available for practically any industry including national accounts, multifamily, education, commercial, car dealerships, shopping centers…the list could go on and on.

FOX 13 SkyTower

When Tampa’s Fox 13 wanted to upgrade their iconic “SkyTower Radar” they turned to Creative Sign Designs. With a budget in mind and funding needed from corporate, Creative’s team of experts provided Fox 13 the most economical and impactful solution, LED uplighting. SkyTower Radar is a three-sided architectural masterpiece standing 150 feet tall. The shape of the tower created a natural challenge to ensure complete light washing of the structure from top to bottom. View the full case study.

Gator Ford

With over 200 light fixtures (half not illuminating) down Interstate 4 (I-4), Gator Ford was losing prime advertising for night travelers down the I-4 corridor. Creative Sign Designs retrofitted the old school non-energy efficient fluorescent bulbs with a high-end LED product. This product is estimated to save Gator Ford 10% a month in energy costs with a return on investment of fewer than 2 years. It took half of the LED lights to make their lot twice as bright! View the full case study.

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