Sign Fabrication & Manufacturing

Though standard and pre-engineered sign systems are offered, Creative has the ability to manufacture practically anything a designer can dream up. Whether the project requires signage to stand on a wall or to float from the ceiling, Creative’s team of sign fabricators can produce architectural signage tailored to the most custom project’s needs. No matter how custom the product may be, the sophisticated sign fabrication techniques ensure a final product the client will be proud of.

Choosing the Right Materials

The materials you choose for your signage will say a lot about your brand. The right materials can attract key target audiences and last for years – maintaining the quality of signage you expect.

Our locations have a combined 50,000 square feet of assembly equipment and material storage, which helps us offer the best possible options for our customers. We offer more traditional welded signs alongside modern laser printing and fabrication techniques.

The material suggestions we make will be based on your budget, sign location, and branding. Outdoor signs require specific materials to maintain your durability and we want to create signage that lasts. We also want to reflect your branding so you attract customers who walk or drive by.

If possible, we will provide multiple materials options for you to choose from and highlight examples of specific material types. We want you to feel comfortable in your materials selection and know that your signage will stand above the rest in its quality, colors, and design.

Painting & Metal Finishing

At Creative Sign Designs, we offer a comprehensive range of painting and metal finishing. Our developers are constantly looking for new materials to use and new technology to create signage. With each new finish or printing material, we add to the list of possible signage creations that you can choose from. A few of our top finishing options and materials include:

  • Single-stage polyurethane painting
  • Basecoat / clearcoat painting
  • Powder coating
  • Faux finishing
  • Color matching laboratory
  • Polishing, anodizing, and galvanizing


These materials can make your signage look expensive even if you are on a tight budget. Faux finishes are exceptionally popular with our current customers, who want to create a sign that looks like it is made of wood or metal without spending much money. These faux finishes are also more durable than other forms of signage, meaning they can last through the elements of water, heat, and dirt.

If you aren’t sure what kind of materials you want to use, or even what you want your sign to look like, tell us about your brand. We are happy to hear about your vision for your business and make recommendations based on your budget and durability needs. We can even mock-up a few different options so you can clearly see what your signs would look like.

Digital Printing & Fabrication Equipment

When it comes to the printing and fabrication process of your signage, our team uses the best tools on the market. We are proud to use Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machining with camera-vision finishing when creating work for our clients. A CNC machine streamlines the printing process while using laser-cutting technology to cut out the exact shapes you need. A CNC machine is invaluable for large-scale projects like hotels, hospitals, or universities which need thousands of signs that all have the same design.

We also use UV (ultraviolet) printing techniques to speed up projects and create high-quality, color-saturated signs. During this process, we use UV-curable inks that are “cured” to the printing material when they are exposed to UV light. This allows the ink to adhere tightly to the base of the sign, preventing peeling in even the most extreme weather conditions.

These are just two of the top tools within our assembly locations that allow us to create high-quality signage and scale our efforts to meet the needs of developers and enterprise site managers. A few of our other machines and specialty equipment include:

  • Computerized vinyl, screen printing, and digital graphics – including a large format UV flatbed printer
  • Shears, benders, and numerous welding stations
  • UL-certified sign lighting and wiring
  • Sandblasting
  • A computerized waterjet machine
  • Two paint booths
  • A computerized channel letter machine
  • Two laser engravers


With this equipment, we can handle any specialty project or unique signage request. Our team can create neon lights that are visible from across town or weld metal to complement your rustic brand. The best signs information a variety of these elements, challenging our team to create something unique and eye-catching.

Preparing for Installation

Once the fabrication process is complete, our team will navigate the installation process with the site manager and the local governing bodies. Our signage experts are all licensed and certified to the highest standard. We can work with regional code enforcement divisions to make sure the signs meet local standards. We conduct site surveys to understand any challenges related to installation or special equipment needed. Finally, we will secure any necessary permits required for installation to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

When the time comes, you will not have to worry about our team installing your signage. We work carefully to make sure each sign is installed to the highest quality standards. We double-check everything for safety and we take precautions throughout to prevent worker injuries.

After you sign off on the installation, the only thing left to do is enjoy your new signage.

Tell Us About Your Project

Our team has worked on complex projects with dozens of signs and unique materials requirements. We have more than 35 years of experience in signage fabrication and strive to stay on top of the latest trends and technology. Call us today to get started on your architectural signage needs assessment.