Headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona, LUV Car Wash was founded in 2021 by industry veterans Darren Skarecky, JT Thomson and Susquehanna Private Capital. LUV is a nationwide express car wash platform focused on enhancing the customer experience. Through its aggressive, multi-pronged growth strategy, the company plans to expand across the country. However, despite its success, LUV Car Wash recognized the need to revitalize its brand identity early on and strengthen its market position across the regions where it operates.

Client: LUV Car Wash

Location: 42 locations in 6 states (Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee) 

Industry: National Brands

Signage Solution: Unified Brand Identity and Market Expansion


We have completed 42 locations in 6 states in 18 months (Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee) through a collaborative approach and strategic implementation. We helped the LUV Corporation successfully revitalize its brand identity and strengthen its market position across various regions. By focusing on consistency, differentiation, and localization, LUV achieved improved brand recognition, expanded its market presence, and established a solid foundation for sustained growth and success in the competitive car wash industry.


  • Brand Revitalization: Develop a refreshed brand identity that aligns with LUV’s core values and resonates with target audiences across various regions.
  • Consistency Across Regions: Ensure consistent brand messaging, visual identity, and customer experience across all touchpoints.
  • Market Expansion: Strengthen LUV’s presence in existing markets and explore opportunities for expansion into new regions.
  • Differentiation: Develop strategies to differentiate LUV’s products from competitors and highlight unique value propositions.
  • Localization: Tailor marketing campaigns and communication strategies to address regional nuances and consumer preferences effectively.

Our Approach

  • Comprehensive Brand Audit: Conducted a thorough analysis of LUV’s existing brand identity, market positioning, and consumer perceptions across different regions.
  • Brand Strategy Development: Collaborated with LUV’s marketing team to define a cohesive brand strategy that embodies the company’s values while addressing regional variations.
  • Brand Identity Design: Created a refreshed brand identity including logo redesign, brand colors, typography, and visual elements that reflect LUV’s core values and resonate with target audiences.


  • Unified Brand Identity: Successfully developed and implemented a refreshed brand identity that strengthened LUV’s brand recognition and consistency across regions.
  • Increased Market Penetration: Achieved improved market penetration and brand visibility in existing markets, leading to enhanced consumer trust and loyalty.
  • Expansion Success: Facilitated successful expansion into new markets by tailoring branding strategies to local preferences.
  • Positive Consumer Response: Received positive feedback from consumers regarding the updated brand identity and messaging, resulting in increased brand affinity and engagement.

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