In August 2023, Tampa General Hospital (TGH) reached out to CSD to discuss a new acquisition project with a completion deadline of December 1st. Recognizing the urgency, CSD immediately seized the opportunity to collaborate on this venture.

The result being: survey 26 existing sites (Interior & Exterior) for all existing branded signage and qualify those needing updates, collaborate with the TGH team and design to coordinate each location’s logos and signage needs, design updates logo signs to cover existing signs for 14 locations, engineering and permitting multiple locations, and install all signage within 48 hours.

Client: Tampa General Hospital

Location: Multiple Locations in the Greater Tampa, Florida Area

Industry: Healthcare

Signage Solution: Site Surveys, Permitting, Updated exterior signage for 14 locations

Due to the project’s confidentiality, initial surveys were conducted through quick drive-by assessments and general measurements. Although we faced limited access to the sites, we managed to gather sufficient information to begin the pricing process.

Originally, we planned to survey 21 locations spanning Spring Hills, Brooksville, Crystal River, and Thonotosassa. After completing the surveys and analyzing the data, we determined that four of these locations did not require new signage, resulting in a refined list.

Once TGH granted us access to the sites, installation commenced with detailed technical surveys. Concurrently, our design team at CSD began working on Design Development drawings, incorporating TGH’s updated logos for a cohesive visual representation.

Upon receiving the technical details, the design team promptly updated the final drawings and obtained approval from TGH. However, the acquisition’s confidential nature posed a challenge when it came to obtaining permitting documents (LOA and NOC), as TGH did not have access to the landlords or building owners at the time.

Undeterred, our creative team proceeded with releasing sites that did not require permitting to production, totaling seven locations. However, the four hospitals remained the primary focus and necessitated permitting.

Once TGH supplied us with the NOC, we swiftly submitted the permits and released the signs to production, providing the production team with a mere seven weeks to complete the project.

The permit approval was granted in the week of installation, leaving a tight schedule for our install team. To ensure a seamless process and effective client coordination, the team meticulously crafted a detailed schedule outlining specific days, times, teams, and the scope of work. The original estimate for the installation of all interior and exterior signage was 3-4 days. Remarkably, the team successfully completed the project in just two days, encompassing both the Tampa and Orlando installations.

Overall, the client is delighted with the experience and is already considering phase 2 signage. This successful partnership between TGH and CSD sets the stage for future collaborations, reflecting our commitment to delivering exceptional results.

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