Needs Assessment & Sign Programming


During program definition we are trying to understand the general scope of the project, budget, and what the “Big Idea” is.

The Creative Sign Designs team of account executives, project managers, and award-winning designers strive to effectively communicate clients’ individual needs and successfully determine the ideal signage solution for each project.

To assure a comprehensive and cost-effective signage solution, the team works to uncover the possible risks and thus develop a stable project foundation. Creative’s project management program delivers an all-inclusive signage experience, with detailed phases that prove successful. The team simplifies the complex tasks of developing, identifying and realizing a signage program by providing solutions that meet ADA and code regulations, resolve wayfinding and visitor directional challenges, communicate brand identity, address documentation needs and realize on-site product installation.

During the Program definition phase, our Project Managers will work with you to:

  • Establish Graphic Standards
  • Survey & Budget
  • Define Schedule & Performance Expectation


For maximum effectiveness, it is essential that signage programs are capable of guiding people to, through and out of facilities in an orderly manner. We fully understand this challenge and how to best facilitate traffic flow. Creative ensures all facets of a signage program are fulfilled, all options are considered, and all visitors, patients, patrons, and customers recognize and comprehend the adequate and clear signage. In order to protect an investment for many years to come, we spend the time to understand needs and create a plan that gets it right the first time.

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