6 Things to Look For in a Signage Partner

When it comes to selecting a signage partner for your business, there are more considerations than what meets the eye. The right signage not only guides and informs but also makes a lasting first impression. With myriad options out there, it’s crucial to understand the key factors that distinguish a reliable and high-quality signage partner. Let’s explore these essential elements that go beyond a good looking sign.

1. Years in Business: A Testament to Endurance & Longevity

One of the first indicators of a dependable signage partner is longevity in the industry. Creative Sign Designs has been crafting commercial, large-scale signage and wayfinding solutions since 1986. Nearly four decades of experience speaks volumes to the reliability and the trust built with clients. When a company has weathered the industry’s ebbs and flows for this long, it’s a clear sign of their resilience, commitment, and the consistent quality of their work.

2. Financial Strength: The Foundation of Reliability

A critical aspect often overlooked in choosing a signage partner is their financial strength. And while a signage company may not fully open up their books to you, there are objective industry standards and indicators to look for. One is the Contractor Score, derived from the company’s documented and verified information and based on objective calculations without subjectivity or bias. It provides a clear view of the company’s ability to support your project financially and manage it efficiently, ensuring they have the resources needed to deliver on their promises.

Adding to financial solidity is a company’s bonding capacity which indicates the capability to undertake and successfully deliver large-scale projects. The importance of this cannot be overstated, as it provides clients with peace of mind knowing that their chosen partner has the financial resilience to see projects through, even in challenging circumstances. A reliable signage partner will be able to share both a Contractor Score (should be north of 1,000) and bonding capacity you are comfortable with before beginning any large projects.

3. Experience and Expertise: Beyond the Basics

A rich history in the business is complemented by a wealth of experience and expertise. Creative Sign Designs demonstrates this through its turnkey design-build approach, which has been honed to near perfection. With an EGD Studio team, permitting team, and more specialists under one roof, Creative is a one stop shop for the whole signage process. Creative also holds dozens of industry certifications and licenses for operating fabrication and installation equipment, demonstrating the team’s breadth of knowledge and skill. This level of expertise ensures that your signage project will not only meet but exceed industry standards, all within one partner and team.

4. Growth Support: The Strength of a Strong Account Team

Your signage partner should be an ally in your growth, equipped with a strong account team that supports your evolving needs. Creative Sign Designs’ track record of making the INC 5000 list for seven consecutive years is a testament to the capability to support growth, not just within their organization but for clients as well. A partner that understands and anticipates the challenges of scaling can provide invaluable guidance and solutions that grow with your business.

5. Manufacturing and Installation Quality: The Backbone of Effective Signage

A stunning design can only go so far without high-quality manufacturing and meticulous installation. With over 2,500 jobs completed with a 99% on-time delivery rate, Creative Sign Designs demonstrates a commitment to both. Moreover, over 45% of their workforce has been with the company for more than five years, ensuring that experienced hands craft and install your signage. High standards in manufacturing and installation are crucial for durable, impactful signage that stands the test of time.

6. Recognition: A Mark of Excellence

International recognition by industry publications is not just an accolade but a confirmation of a company’s innovative and exceptional work. Creative Sign Designs’ numerous projects recognized internationally by Signs of the Times Magazine, Sign Builder Illustrated, and the United States Sign Council, underscore a position as leaders in the field. When choosing a signage partner, look for one that’s respected by peers and industry authorities alike—a marker of their commitment to excellence.

Choosing the right signage partner is a multifaceted decision. A company like Creative Sign Designs, with extensive experience, technical and regulatory knowledge, growth support capabilities, and unmatched manufacturing and installation quality, sets a high bar. Look for these qualities to ensure that your signage not only meets but exceeds expectations, project after project.

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