Why Commercial Buildings Need to Consider Photoluminescent Egress Lighting

We like to think that we keep our fingers on the pulse of the latest and greatest in signage and wayfinding. It is, after all, our thing. And one such trend in signage and wayfinding is actually in lighting.

Hear us out. Photoluminescent egress lighting is changing the way we see wayfinding – literally – and we couldn’t be more excited about this partnership.

But this then begs the question: What, exactly, is photoluminescent egress lighting?

We’re confident that after learning more about it, you’ll be convinced that it’s the way of the (wayfinding) future, too, boasting greater visibility than relevant codes and standards currently require.

Photoluminescent Lighting: What It Is

An alternative to electrical or battery lighting, photoluminescent products glow brightly in the dark for many hours, creating a safe and efficient pedestrian environment and providing the ability to navigate egress safely and efficiently in all emergencies, environments, and scenarios.

And photoluminescent visibility is more than just brightness. It also provides contrast against adjacent surfaces, creating a critical parameter for visibility.

Consider a step’s edge in a dark movie theater.

Photoluminescent products not only clearly define wayfinding in all lighting conditions – dark conditions, light conditions, and twilight or dim conditions – but they also provide an anti-slip strip with luminance and color contrast so the step edge is clearly defined for visibility from a greater distance and for a longer time – even after the lights go out.

How It Benefits Commercial Buildings

As photoluminescent wayfinding is fully automatic, requires little maintenance, no electricity other than to power the ambient light sources used to recharge them, don’t deteriorate from use, and are non-toxic and non-radioactive, it seems like they should be a no-brainer for commercial use.

But if you’re still not convinced, allow us to shine some light – see what we did there? – on a few more of its benefits.


By fulfilling the needs of municipalities, facility owners, architects, engineers, and general contractors to meet IBC / IFC / NFPA photoluminescent requirements, the products improve the quality of the building infrastructure and ensure a safe passage from public and private facilities.

In fact, new code has been added to Chapter 10, Means of Egress, since the 2009 International Building Code and International Fire Code. In use or adopted in 50 states, the District of Columbia, the US Virgin Islands, and beyond, the new code requires photoluminescent exit path markings in new non-residential buildings of 75-foot height or more and are required on all step edges and handrails, and as perimeter markings of the exit pathways, including stairwell landings.


With a wide range of products that provide a complete solution to pathfinding requirements, photoluminescent egress wayfinding lighting is …


The hard-wearing silicon carbide non-slip material reduces slips and falls in all weather conditions.


With the photoluminescent powder ‘baked in’ and non-slip material, thousands of people can walk on these products thousands of times with no wear and tear. They are also weather-, UV-, and stain-resistant, and can withstand rigorous abrasion and cleaning.


Photoluminescent products will glow brightly in the dark for many hours, giving patrons confidence in exiting, even in an emergency.

Environmentally Friendly

Photoluminescent products recycle natural sunlight and artificial light, without the need for electricity, use recycled aluminum, and are designed to last the life of your facility.


Photoluminescent lighting provides surface contrast visible in all light conditions with slip-resistance in any number of the following places:

  • Pathmarking guidance strips
  • Handrail guidance strips
  • Floor identification signs
  • Hazard strips
  • Directional signage
  • Door hardware markings
  • Signage, including tactile and Braille
  • Seat and aisle identification
  • Step edge definition trim
  • Perimeter markings
  • Obstruction markings
  • Step nosings

… and more

Pretty amazing stuff, right? Granted, we get a little excited about the latest-and-greatest in signage but this is seriously impressive. If you’re ready to take your wayfinding to the next level with photoluminescent egress lighting, contact us today!

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