How to Build Brand Recognition During Construction with Crane Letters

The second a developer or brand signs a lease and gets approval to break ground, they are already thinking of ways to market to customers. The more popular a business is, the sooner the business owners can earn back their initial investment costs and start making a profit. In a perfect situation, customers will be lining up outside as soon as a business opens.

However, marketing in the early stages of building a business isn’t always easy.

There is no real product for your customers to buy. Before you open, you are just trying to get people excited about what is going up while making it easy for them to remember your name.

This is where crane letters come in.

With a little creativity, you can use your crane to draw attention to what you are doing and establish a brand even before you finish with the foundation. You can do that through crane letters.

What Are Crane Letters?

Crane letters are brightly-lit, typically LED lettering that adorns cranes on construction sites. Crane letters typically showcase and announce the upcoming project, helping residents learn about what is being built. They can also identify and brand the construction company or developer that is working on the project for many months or years while the crane is on site and in use.

Crane letters require specific design elements to help them get noticed.

  • They need to be large enough that most people can read them. However, they still need to be able to fit on the crane.
  • They need to be brightly lit so the lettering is visible at night but also have the right colors and outline so they can be seen during the day.
  • The lettering needs to contrast with the crane itself so nothing gets lost visually because of the machinery.
  • The signage needs to reflect the brand of the business that is being built.


More and more brands are using crane letters to create buzz and interest in their new project while it is being built.

What Are the Benefits of Crane Letters?

There are several reasons to consider crane letters and install them on your construction site. These letters can be used for all kinds of brands in almost every stage of the development process.

  1. People are naturally curious about new construction. As soon as a construction site breaks ground, residents start to ask what is going in and when it will be ready. You can answer these questions by sharing the brand name on your crane. Crane letters can act as a piece of statement signage that showcases what is coming to the location
  1. Crane letters reach a large audience. Consider the popularity of billboards along the interstate. Thousands of people drive past billboards each day, making them an effective form of marketing for brands. Your crane has the same effect. The large structure draws the attention of drivers and pedestrians who can’t miss the crane lettering.
  1. Crane lettering is affordable. While you will likely have to pay a monthly fee for other marketing services (like a TV advertisement or billboard), you only have to pay a one-time cost for your crane signage. The only other accrued cost is the monthly charge for electricity. However, by strategically choosing energy-efficient LED lights, you can save on power costs while still getting the bright look you need.

If you already have a crane on your construction site, why not use it to start promoting your business while it’s being built?

Crane Letters Outshine Outdated Flags or Tarps

There are certainly alternative options for using crane letters to promote your development.

Some businesses order tarps to hang on the fencing or buy flags to hang on the new buildings. However, these options have their limits. It is hard to see tarps that are placed at ground level, especially if you want to appeal to interstate drivers. Developers are also limited as to when they can hang flags on buildings – as you have to build structures before you can hang anything on them.

The crane is high up and available at the start of the project. It is also the most durable option.

LED lights won’t fad because of weather or get ripped off the side of a building like a tarp would. There is less maintenance involved and you don’t have to worry about damaging your brand because your sign broke within a few days of ordering it.

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Crane Lettering Stands Out From Other Construction Sites

If you look around the city skyline, you will likely see your competitors who are building alongside you. Other cranes dot the horizon with new projects, business centers, and housing building up each day. If this is a common sight in your city, then people may not be as interested in a new building development as they used to be.

Crane letters give you a chance to stand out.

If three other companies are all developing similar projects, customers will point to your name and logo first because they can see it on the crane. When you start advertising against your competitors, your brand will stand out against the others.

Crane letters are perfect for promoting new projects or additions in a variety of industries. They can attract attention to constructions sites for:


Remember, you need to take any advantage you can get for your project. The steps you take today to market your business will make it easier to sell your brand tomorrow.

Work with What You Already Have

If you need one more reason to invest in crane letters, consider the fact that you already have the equipment on-hand.

When you are done working for the day, you lock up the crane and close the site for the night. During this time, the construction materials are doing nothing for you. However, with crane letters, the worksite continues to market your brand and connect with potential customers throughout the night.

Using crane letters is a matter of getting the most out of every tool you have on-hand to help promote your brand.

Bring Crane Letters to Life With Creative Sign Designs

If you’re excited about a project you recently broke ground on, isn’t it time for neighborhood residents to get excited as well?

Invest in crane letters, and draw attention to your business even before it’s built.

Contact our team at Creative Sign Designs today to discuss options for your crane letters. We are happy to design something that meets your brand needs and effectively promotes your business from the ground up.

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