Digital Signage Applications For Your Business

A sign is the most distinct way to advertise a business. Although, the effectiveness of a sign depends on its overall attractiveness, readability, and visibility.

With today’s competitive marketplace, retailer and brand marketers need a signage solution that enables them to deliver real-time content driven by time, location, demographics, and promotions.

Mahaffey-EntryIn this day in age, people are so accustomed to moving messages and images everywhere they go. That said, the vibrant colors and eye-catching movement in a digital sign make it the perfect, modern advertising medium.
Digital signage is often used by retailers to advertise promotions and limited offers. Although other than creating brand awareness and influencing consumer behavior, digital signage can serve as an excellent outlet for information.

Information for Digital Signage:

  • Current date and time
  • Upcoming holidays
  • Event reminders
  • Latest weather and traffic updates

In addition to its many uses, there are many advantages to digital signage solutions. Retailers can increase revenues and decrease advertising costs with the use of digital signage.

The ability to instantly change your message eliminates the cost of print advertisement campaigns. In addition, retailers have the opportunity to earn money with their digital signage network by selling advertising space to their suppliers.

Other Advantages of Digital Signage Include:

  • Minimal work necessary to change your message
  • Ability to deliver current and relative messages
  • Ability to schedule messages ahead of time
  • Ability to ensure message control
  • Ability to customize content to your clientele

Digital signage solutions are effective in virtually every market including healthcare, education, restaurants and retail, hospitality and more. It is important to mention particular uses and benefits of digital signage in each of these markets.

Digital Signage Solutions For Healthcare:

  • Keeps patients and visitors engaged
  • Speeds up the tedious check-in process which in turn minimizes perceived wait time
  • Ability to broadcast emergency messages

Digital Signage Solutions For Education:

  • Acknowledge and showcase student achievements
  • Broadcast sporting and other school-related events
  • Inform parents, visitors, and faculty of the latest news and updates

Digital Signage Solutions For Restaurants and Retail:

  • Ability to enhances food appeal
  • Promote daily menu specials
  • Broadcast wait times

Interactive Digital Signage Solutions For Restaurants and Retail:

  • Self check-in kiosks to check-in for a reservation
  • Self check-in kiosks to add your name to a waiting list

Digital Signage for Hospitality:

  • Promote guest loyalty programs
  • Advertise calendar with upcoming events, conferences & entertainment
  • Personally welcome event and conference parties
  • Inform guests: weather, news, emergency updates
  • Restaurant menu and daily features
  • Advertise gift shop and hotel package promotions and limited offers

Interactive Digital Signage for Hospitality:

  • Virtual Concierge Service: Directory of Restaurants, Shopping, and Attractions
  • Property Map
  • Self check-in kiosks to speed up tedious check-in process
  • Self check-in kiosks to register for a particular conference or group

To learn more about digital signage solutions and what it can do for your business visit get in touch with our creative sign design experts.

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