Healthcare Industry Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage is a functional alternative to traditional, stationary signage as it allows you to deliver real-time messaging to your target audience. Its capabilities,
when entirely and properly applied, serve as an excellent outlet for information.

Here are some benefits of digital signage solutions for the healthcare industry.



Hospital navigation and wayfinding

Highly-visible digital signage can help patients, visitors and employees navigate healthcare facilities with ease. Everything from interactive maps to custom directories to digital wayfinding can turn an otherwise stressful and confusing hospital visit into a seamless, positive experience. As facilities evolve and adapt, digital signage can also be updated quickly with minor behind-the-scenes editing.

Keeps patients and visitors engaged

Digital signage can alleviate hospital anxiety by keeping patients and visitors engaged throughout their stay. During the waiting period, a digital sign can share when doctors are available or what the current wait times are for appointments. The digital sign can also share real-time updates of a patients’ whereabouts and let their loved ones know when they are out of surgery without waiting for a doctor. While waiting, visitors can also catch up on the news or local bulletins.



Speeds up the tedious check-in process which in turn minimizes perceived wait time

While the check-in process at a healthcare facility is an important step in collecting crucial patient information, it can also be a tedious endeavor. Digital signage

can speed up the check-in process by creating virtual lines, and highlighting crucial steps needed to proceed through the process. Bright, eye-catching digital signs can inform patients of what they need to check-in (ex. photo ID, insurance card, etc.), as well as, highlight tips for completing paperwork.

Ability to broadcast emergency messages

Healthcare facilities have a variety of emergency codes that can deploy at any time. Digital signage limits panic by displaying the message and the instructions on how to respond. Additionally, digital emergency messages can be personalized for specific areas and situations.  Depending on the need, directions can quickly be changed for the safest, quickest escape route at a moment’s notice.

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