8 Reasons Why LED is in and Neon is Out

When it comes to choosing eye-catching signage for your business, there are many options to choose from. Two popular options are LED and neon. While neon was once a popular option, LED has clear benefits across the board.

From installation to maintenance to energy efficiency, here are eight reasons why we recommend LED signage for your business.

  1. LED1-300x224Neon contains mercury which is hazardous to the environment. Some states have imposed a ban on the sale of products that contain mercury.
  2. The installation of LED channel letters is not as invasive as neon because LEDs use smaller pass through-holes.
  3. LED signs are easily transportable due to their ability to withstand shock and vibration where neon is very fragile and susceptible to breakage during transit and installation.
  4. LED channel letters are a more efficient light source that can help significantly reduce your electricity costs.
  5. LED signs are powered by 12 volts DC while neon is powered by 4,000 to 15,000 volt AC. The high voltages required by neon present a significantly higher electrical hazard potential in comparison to LED. This high hazard potential can result in increased insurance rates.
  6. LEDs are easy to replace. They are readily available to purchase and don’t take long to be installed. With neon, each unit must be individually crafted for each letter by an experienced neon bender.
  7. LED creates more sign design options because small LED units can fit into confined spaces easier than neon.
  8. LEDs have improved performance in cold weather conditions where the mercury in neon signs brightness drops dramatically when temperatures reach below 35 degrees.

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