Project Consultation & Management for Exterior Signage Design: How to Bring Your Sign to Life

When you start thinking about project consultation and management for exterior signage design, it can be difficult to know where to begin. You may have an idea for your sign, but no idea how to bring it to life.

At Creative Sign Designs, we have a proven method for project consultation and management for exterior signage design. We know how to make the signage design process easy and seamlessly guide clients from idea to installation.

We use this process when working with clients local to us in Florida and with clients located around the country. Through this process, our clients always feel supported and that our team is working for them – even if they can’t meet face-to-face.

Let’s look at how we use project consultation and management for exterior signage to guide our clients from beginning to the end of their custom exterior signage projects.

1. Budget and Time Constraints

Before we even consider the type of signage you need and the aesthetic opportunities in your business, we start with two key elements: your budget and your timeline.

Budget: We know that if you go over budget on exterior signage then you won’t be able to invest in other design and marketing elements to grow your business. This is why we are always respectful of how much you want to spend.

Timeline: Time is money, which means you can’t afford for this project to extend beyond your initial plan. Whether you are opening a new business and have a specific launch date planned or simply want this project done in a few months, we can work around your time expectations.

The timeline and budget create a shell for our project consultation and management for exterior signage. Within these reasonable limits, we can get creative for your actual sign design.

2. Needs Assessment

A key part of our design process is listening to what the client wants. We love to start with the “big idea” and work to make it a reality. This is where the needs assessment comes in.

Our project consultation and management team listens to your goals and evaluates your current lighting and signage situation. They will also take into consideration ADA needs and code regulations. Our knowledge of exterior design and lighting combined with your vision for your brand helps us understand what work needs to be done.

For example, Gator Ford in Seffner, Florida approached us with the big idea that they wanted to improve their lighting so it could be seen from the interstate. Brighter lights meant that more customers would remember them and consider their dealership a safe and welcoming place to go. Our team at Creative Sign Designs ran a needs assessment to determine how we could make that idea happen.

With LED bulbs, we were able to use fewer lights than before and set up a lighting system that lowered the company’s electric bills by 10%. This is how our technical know-how turns a dream into a reality without breaking the budget.

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3. Permitting Regulations

Even the best ideas need to be adjusted to meet city and county ordinances. Local guidelines limit the size of signage and even the design. If your business is within a professional park or even a corporate strip mall, then it may have its own limits for sign color, size, and font. Often, most signage and lighting projects will get approved, but they still need to go through the local government permitting office.

We have years of experience working with local ordinances and permitting, which means we can easily interpret your regional limitations and take steps to meet their requirements. While we never want to limit your overall vision, some government laws may require adjusting your original plan.

4. Design and Fabricate

From there, we start the design process. (Check out our featured projects to see our designs come to life.) Once we have a plan in place for achieving your lighting and signage vision, you will sign off before we start signage fabrication. This way, everyone is on the same page for when the work will get done and how.

Our sign consultants have a sophisticated information handling system that allows us to create a step-by-step process for your signage needs. We will report to you during each step of the process and give you opportunities to adjust your needs before we move forward. This way no one is caught off guard by new requirements or ideas on our end, while you never have to worry about monitoring our services. Through transparent work and clear communication, everyone can stay on the same page until the project is complete.

5. Installation

The project consultation and management team doesn’t sign off on a completed job until the signage is installed and functioning at its best. We have multiple facilities to create signage, a large fleet of vehicles, installation equipment, and experienced sign and lighting personnel who can help you. Our resources range from large bucket trucks and crane trucks to basic trailers and vans.

Before signage installation, we conduct site survey analysis and make sure that the installation is up to code. We provide client representation before government agencies to make sure that your signage gets approved. This makes us more than a signage company, but rather an advocate for your business.

6. Maintenance & Upkeep

Once your updated lighting and signage is installed, you can continue working with Creative Sign Designs to maintain your investment and keep it looking at its best. While we develop plans for exterior signage with longevity in mind – choosing materials that can withstand elements like wind, snow, and sun – your signage may require regular maintenance to look its best. Whatever you need, we are here for you.

Let Us Guide Your Project Consultation and Management for Exterior Signage Design

At Creative Sign Designs, we stand by our clients through the entire development process. We don’t expect you to have a plan in place by the time you call us. We are here to help you make smart decisions for your business. From the initial needs assessment to installation and maintenance, you will have a reliable partner in exterior signage with Creative Sign Designs.

Contact us to see how we can help you bring your signage idea to life and guide you through every step of the process. Contact Creative Sign Designs.

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