Why Invest in Solar Powered Signs

When it comes to solar energy capacity, Tampa is one of the top cities to watch nationwide! This is according to the 2017 “Shining Cities” report from the Frontier Group and Environmental Research and Policy. Tampa is in 32 place nationally when it comes to overall solar capability, which is a measure of how many watts per person of solar energy is produced in a given location.

Tampa’s current solar capability is just shy of 25 watts of installed solar capacity per person, which puts the Creative Sign Designs’ headquarters at the cusp of the “solar leaders” category.

Solar Signs: How Businesses Can Utilize Solar Power

Through individual county initiatives such as Green Hillsborough and state-wide efforts like Solar Ready Florida, the Sunshine State has shown that it is committed to developing and standardizing solar power. These initiatives make it more easily available and cost competitive for anyone looking to invest the most abundant source of renewable energy. Businesses can also contribute to government efforts by increasing their solar energy usage.

Installing solar panels is typically the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about how to utilize solar power. If your business is ready to jump in with both feet, then installing panels at your facility and starting the conversion to solar powered everything may be the right option. But if your business is looking to start small, solar signs are an easy and more affordable step towards reducing your carbon footprint.

About Solar Powered Signs

Solar business signs include a solar panel either mounted on the top of the sign or located a short distance from it. Solar powered signs include a battery pack that can be recharged during the day by the same solar panel powering the sign. The batteries can store up to two weeks’ worth of power to be used during stretches of time when there isn’t any sunlight. You also have the ability to set start and stop times for the battery pack in order to conserve its power.

Why Invest in Solar Business Signs

Is upgrading your business’ signage to solar signs worth the initial investment? Here are several reasons why investing in solar powered signs make business sense:

  • The installation of solar is much less costly than electrical.
  • There are no limits to where you can put your solar sign because electrical wiring is not necessary.
  • If you choose to move your solar powered sign to another location, the solar panel can easily be relocated.
  • Solar energy systems are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit.
  • Solar business signs are lower maintenance; you don’t need to worry about changing bulbs and replacing wires
  • Solar power has zero carbon footprint.
  • Solar signs ensure low and predictable electricity costs.
  • Solar powered signs have a high return on investment, in some cases exceeding 200 percent!


If you’re interested in making the switch to solar powered signs or learning more about solar lighting options for commercial signage, then talk to the experts at Creative Sign Designs today.

We have two locations in Florida featuring more than 50,000 square feet of our product offerings. In Tampa and Orlando, we provide a glimpse into the endless possibilities in the sign world. We have created a whole new concept in signage, one that incorporates high-tech design and top-of-the-line construction.



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