3 Reasons to Use Digital Signage – and Where to Start

Digital signage can be a powerful tool to connect with customers and promote your brand. It requires a singular investment that allows you to change your messaging on a weekly (or even daily) basis. Digital signs can be placed outside your business to attract customers or inside to better inform customers and visitors to your organization.

If you are still new to the world of digital signage, get to know the options available to you. Here are a few reasons why you need this promotional tool and the process of implementing it on your premises.

Give Yourself a Competitive Advantage

When you walk down the street in New York City or pass through the Las Vegas Strip, countless businesses fight for the attention of tourists and locals alike. A simple, static sign just won’t cut it. Instead, there are flashing neon letters and digital messages to lure people in.

Fortunately, your street might not be as busy as Time Square and you might not have as many businesses to compete with; however, you can still use digital signage to stand out. As customers drive down the road, they are more likely to notice your sign if it incorporates digital elements.

Consider the flow of traffic in your area and why drivers pass your business each day. Commuters, families, tourists, and other audiences regularly ride past your brand. Do they notice it? Your digital signage can alert them to new deals and products they must try.

Digital signage gives you an advantage over other businesses in your area. It makes your company more notable and allows you to broadcast promotional messages without paying for billboard space from a third party. This flexibility can’t be beat.

Enjoy an Improved Customer Experience

Digital signage isn’t just for the exterior of your business. You can also incorporate these signs within your business to convey valuable information to customers, visitors, and staff. Here are just a few examples of how digital signage is used across a variety of industries.

  • A theatre or entertainment venue can create a carousel of promotions in the auditorium where audience members wait for the doors to open. These promos can range from season ticket deals to theatre summer camps.
  • A hospital or healthcare provider can provide information for visitors to check in at the front desk or encourage all audiences to get their flu shots ahead of fall. It can also build interactive maps so patients and their visitors don’t get lost.
  • A sports venue can promote food and merchandise deals to grow their non-ticket sales. They can also update fans with digital scoreboards during the game.
  • A train station or small airport can provide directions and instructions to travelers. The digital signage can also alert customers to upcoming arrivals and departures. Digital signage can be an essential wayfinding tool– even for small stations.


These are just a few examples that highlight how digital signage can help customers in different industries. When people are more informed, they don’t need to rely on your staff members as much for help. This means your employees can focus on other tasks and help customers in more meaningful ways, creating better experiences for everyone.

Increase Your Bottom Line

Digital signage can play a role across your sales funnel and have a tangible impact on your business. Consider three different ways that digital signage can help you achieve your promotional and sales goals.

  • Top-Funnel Marketing: attract new customers to your business with bright exterior signage. Bring back returning customers with information about seasonal deals and promotional opportunities.
  • Mid-Funnel Marketing: include signage inside your business about the deals and promotions you offer. This makes your customers more informed about what you do.
  • Bottom-Funnel Marketing: include calls to action to encourage customers to make a purchase. You can even add QR codes and other marketing elements to track the sales that come from your signage.


Your exterior signage can increase the number of people who walk through your door (already a measurable metric of success) while your interior signage can drive people to purchase the products and services you offer.

Where to Start in Digital Signage Development

Many people want digital signage throughout their campus but they aren’t sure how to budget and plan for this process. Fortunately, you don’t need to be signage experts – that’s where we come in. Our team at Creative Sign Designs can help you develop and execute a digital signage strategy. Here’s how it works.

  • Define Your Goals: our team will work with you to determine what you hope to get out of your digital signage project. This will help us recommend specific products and placements to achieve these goals. Every project starts with a Needs Assessment.
  • Choose Hardware and Software: evaluate the different signage options available on the market to determine which ones are best for your business. Our fabrication team will take it from here.
  • Install, configure, and optimize: we don’t walk away from a customer until they are completely happy. We can continue to optimize your signage until your vision becomes a reality. Don’t worry, we are experts in permitting and variances and can work around your local laws.
  • Create content: determine what you want your signage to say and how often you plan to change it. Some companies invest in nearly-static signs while other businesses change their messaging daily.


Keep in mind that digital signage requires long-term management – more so than static signs. While the advanced technology doesn’t have much upkeep and should last for years, you will need a content management strategy.

Someone in your company will need to update the signage to keep up with your promotions and messaging. Otherwise, you will continue to broadcast an outdated “Happy Easter” message in October.

Start Your Digital Signage Project Today

The benefit of working with a signage partner is that you don’t have to take on this project alone. Our goal is to take sign designs easy for you and effective for your business. You can feel confident working with a partner who has a proven track record in digital signage installation.

Contact our team at Creative Sign Designs today and launch your digital project.

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