4 Trends In Transit & Transportation Signage

We are mobile. From our phones to our travel, we as a society are on the move and that mobility – and the demand for increased mobility – shows no sign of waning.

Because from airplanes, to buses, to cars, to trains, to subways, vehicle travel is a non-negotiable in modern life. But as stressful as travel can often prove to be – traffic, punctuality, navigating unfamiliar destinations, and quickly interpreting signage – offering travelers an intuitive method to find their way through these spaces is a critical step toward a positive experience.

And what, exactly, can help make that experience positive?

Thoughtful, stress-free navigation. Because from the moment a traveler parks their vehicle or is dropped at departures, wayfinding is responsible for directing them to the correct gate, guiding them through a connection, and through the arrival and baggage claim process.

Simply put: Signage is paramount to efficient and successful travel.

Types of Transportation & Transit Signage

But before you can consider how to best implement transit and transportation signage, it’s important to know the different types available. Transportation signage types include …

  • Roadway signs
  • Parking garages
  • Departure areas
  • Arrival areas
  • Terminals
  • Concourses
  • ADA/Compliance and safety signs
  • Concession and vendors

Now that you know the types of transportation and transit signage, we can delve into some trends and considerations.

Transportation & Transit Signage: Considerations & Trends

At a minimum, an effective transportation and transit signage program must ensure the proper messages, in the correct places, displayed clearly and visibly. Most travelers are already well versed in motor vehicle signage as anyone with a driver’s license has been tested – albeit many years ago – on every type of sign they may encounter while driving.

But what about lesser-known signs and lesser-utilized modes of transportation like airplanes, buses and railway travel? Here are some trends that have taken root that are worth considering to ensure a positive experience for travelers.

A Customer-Service Approach

When it comes to transportation signage, airports in particular are putting the customer experience first. While airports may be one of the toughest environments to achieve this, proper signage, wayfinding and unique architectural elements can definitely play a role in the overall experience someone has in a space. This trend goes beyond merely getting people in and out of the airport, but providing an experience that changes the perception of airport travel.

Digital, Interactive Signage

Digital signage – like an electronic message center – is often used by retailers to advertise promotions and limited offers but beyond creating brand awareness and influencing consumer behavior, digital signage can serve as an excellent outlet for information, 24 hours a day, for road-weary travelers looking to find their way expeditiously.

Illuminated Signage & Lighting Retrofitting

Illuminated signage and lighting are often located on the front of a building to advertise a business with the added benefit of being visible from quite a distance, day or night. But since illuminated signage solutions are effective in virtually every industry, it seems there are no limits to what they can do for wayfinding. Because whether traveling down a highway or looking for directions, signage and lighting help catch the attention of travelers. Retrofitting older illuminated signage with a more sustainable solution such as LED can also be a budget-friendly way to enhance a space.

Interior Signage Systems

With a sign system, you can achieve a custom, branded aesthetic while enhancing the form and function of your space with eye-catching colors and fonts. With signs, maps, arrows, color-coding systems, pictograms, ADA requirements, and different typographic elements, there are a lot of considerations. A signage system not only streamlines and standardizes your custom interior signage wayfinding solutions, but also provides a consistent, cohesive look throughout, which is key.

Creative Sign Designs: Your Transportation & Transit Signage Partner

A true signage partner will understand what you want to achieve and the essence of the environment you want to create. We can propose and create signage that will be cohesive with – and even enhance – the feel of your space.

Contact us for an experienced transportation and transit signage partner today!

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