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4 Sign Designs Inspired by Southern Florida Coastlines

As signage specialists in Florida, we are often inspired by the natural beauty of the coastlines, culture, and history of our state. Florida has a beautiful and diverse environment, and many people move here because of those natural elements. When possible, we try to incorporate these elements into our designs.

Here are a few of our favorite examples of South Florida signage and how these design trends can inspire you to use the state’s natural beauty to define your brand.

1. Lifestyle Themes

Earlier this year, U-haul ranked Florida as its fastest-growing state by counting the number of vans that enter the state compared to the number that leave. People come from all over to escape northern winters, work in the cities, and enjoy the Florida lifestyle. However, the Florida lifestyle is diverse. The lifestyles near the theme parks of Orlando and the nightclubs in Miami are significantly different than the sleepy beaches of Naples or Palm Beach.

Signage plays a significant role in communicating the types of lifestyles that a space is looking to attract. 

Using Palm Beach as an example, developers choose various calming elements and relaxing names to let potential residents know that they are moving to an area that won’t have the stress or bustle of Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. Driving around the area, you may notice names with words like cove, glen, getaway, resort, bay, and resort.

For example, the branding we created for the Alfond Inn Rollins reflects the reputation and boutique nature of the hotel. The name alone appeals to high-end visitors, and we created visual signage that reinforces the message. There are plenty of places to visit and move to within Florida, and the type of branding you choose for a multi-family development will attract specific people with goals for how they want to live.

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2. Animals Motifs

As you drive around the state, you are likely to see a pattern of animals that are used in various coastal signs. Manatees, flamingos, sharks, and gators will all beckon to you from a variety of businesses and billboards.

The use of these animals isn’t limited to tourist attractions or beach bars. Many businesses and government municipalities establish their brands with the help of the state’s coastal fauna. Within the past few years, we developed LED signage for Gator Ford in Seffner and exterior signage for the Nova Southeastern Sharks in Clearwater.

The coastal animals you choose will also reflect your branding. Many condos or apartment complexes use herons and sandpipers in their names and exterior signage. This creates a calmer feel than the more energetic animals like flamingos or dolphins.

3. Water Elements

Water is one of the primary reasons why people move to Florida. Some residents enjoy fishing on the weekends while others like jumping in the waves along the coast. There’s no shortage of coastline, springs, rivers, bays, and smaller bodies of water around the area. As a result, it’s common to find sign designs that incorporate the local waterways or water elements in their branding.

Water is a popular element for creating a sense of class or sophistication. Hotels add water elements to bring in a natural feel and calm guests. Corporate businesses use water elements to convey a sense of authority and professionalism. Companies can include literal water elements or just use them in their signage.

Water is also a popular choice for South Florida signage because it can easily be incorporated into the branded color palette. Designers can choose a palette of blues and greens and contrast them with a lighter color on the other side of the color wheel to make the logo design pop. You can see this in our Water Mark apartment homes sign design.

Along with business and logo design, water elements are also common in the brand names used in the state. Throughout Florida, you are likely to see brand names with the words coastal or beach incorporated. Many of these businesses aren’t even directly on the beach. However, the name allows them to promote a certain brand message to local customers while appealing to people from outside of the state.

4. Bright Nostalgia

There’s a certain old-world charm to Florida, and more designers are working to play up this nostalgia of mid-century kitsch. Bright colors pair with flowers and flamingos that nod to the nature of the Florida coast. A bright pink building with a sea-foam green sign is only complemented by the blue skies the Sunshine State is known for.

A great example of this Old Florida feel is Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg. While the botanical garden has improved its wayfinding over the years, the flamingos and welcome sign remain the same. As a result, the signage beckoning guests to visit the Beautiful Sunken Gardens has become an icon on 4th Street North in St. Pete and is often mimicked by sign designers across the state.

In fact, all you have to do is drive a few miles to the No Vacancy bar on Central Ave in St. Pete to see the concept of Old Florida kitsch played up. They use palm fronts and deep sunset pinks in their branding, along with signage reminiscent of a 1960s tourism attraction or motel.

Tap Into South Florida Signage for Your Brand Design

There is no shortage of natural beauty in this state. From the historic homes of Old Florida to the hundreds of flora and fauna that bloom here year-round. If you’re trying to find inspiration for your brand and signage, look no further than the coastlines of South Florida. You’re sure to find something you love, or we can find something for you.

Let us help you tap into your coastal creativity with South Florida signage. Contact Creative Sign Designs today for a free consultation or review our portfolio to see how we help various clients across the state.

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