How to Tell Your Brand Story with Signage

What information does your signage convey? At first, this seems like an easy question. It shares your brand name and potentially highlights what you sell. However, your signage does so much more than that. It gives customers an idea of what your brand stands for and who you are trying to attract. Your signage provides context clues for what kind of experience your customers can expect. When you think of the big picture implications of your signage, you can start to realize how important it is to invest in good design.

It’s possible to tell your brand story through even the most basic signage additions to your business. You can convey authenticity and stand out with a unique identity. You can be memorable. Here’s how to tell your story with brand signage.

Differentiate Yourself from Similar Businesses

Differentiation is one of the most important aspects of a business. How does your company differ from others in your industry? If you are in a popular field, you might have dozens of competitors in your area.

One way to stand out is with branding. Clear designs, colors, and signage can make your brand memorable and attract customers to pick it out from a crowd.

For example, Legoland Florida has to compete with hundreds of attractions and resorts in Orlando. Its resorts have to stand out against Universal and Disney hotels. The best way to do that is with branding. If you visit Legoland’s Beach Retreat in Winter Haven, you will feel like you have stepped onto a movie set. Each floor has unique themes and unique wayfinding enhances the experience.

By differentiating and creating positive customer experiences, Legoland is able to compete against even the biggest theme park players in Orlando. You can follow similar processes with your brand by paying attention to small details, like the color, texture, and location of your signage.

Re-Introduce Customers to Your Brand

Branding signage is particularly important if your company has undergone some changes recently. Your customers have questions about what is different and what they can expect from your brand. You need to assure them that your company is elevated because of these changes and your customers can enjoy a better experience.

For example, in a project for All Aboard Florida’s Brightline, our team needed to rebrand the passenger rail system in Miami. We used bright colors, effective wayfinding, and improved lighting to welcome customers to learn more about their rail options. By simply changing the signage, our team was able to give Brightline a fresh look and re-engaged the community.

A simple rebranding project can help you attract customers who you may have lost in the past. They may be curious about the changes you have made – and your signage is the first way to prove that your company is different.

Attract New Audiences

All of your branding initiatives need to center around growth. Growing your business means attracting new customers who try out your brand and want to return. One of the best ways to win people over is with brand storytelling.

Consider the branding efforts of apartment complexes and other multifamily campuses. These new construction projects need to win over members of the community and convince them to live there. This is no easy feat. Potential residents need to feel safe and comfortable, while also feeling like the complex reflects their lifestyle.

Clear signage can bring in potential residents who are looking for a place to live. Branding will help companies reflect their values and lifestyle, further winning over these potential customers. Without branding, it’s easy for a community to get overlooked or ignored, making it harder for the owners to keep their units full.

Create a Branded Space for Employees

Your signage can have secondary benefits that help grow your business and create better experiences for customers. For example, by creating a branded space for your internal offices, you can remind employees what you stand for and why these values matter. Your team members can be proud of the company they work for and reflect the values you espouse.

This value-setting design is exactly what Entertainment Benefits Group wanted out of their corporate signage design. The company needed both interior and exterior graphics across their campus, including full-length interior murals. Our team worked to develop signage that highlighted their brand values, which means their core beliefs like good customer support and giving back are featured prominently on the walls.

Creating a branded space can help your current employees, but it also can be used to recruit new employees. You can create a positive first impression with your office and convince candidates that your workplace is modern, effective, and engaging to work for. This will attract better candidates who can move your company forward.

Work With Someone Who Knows Both Branding and Signage

If you are ready to embrace the power of branding with signage, hire a company that understands both needs. Any signage company can produce the designs you create, but they might not understand the brand goals and needs to create a signage plan for you. On the other side, a branding company can give you a roadmap to choosing colors and textures, but they don’t understand the nuances of where to place signage and the number of placards and guides you need.

At Creative Sign Designs, we have a dedicated Environmental Graphic Design (EGD) Studio that can help clients merge their branding and signage initiatives. We can guide you through the brand decision-making process while also focusing on the technical elements of sign creation.

When you hire us for your environmental branding, we will go beyond signage. We can help you develop engaging graphics, work around architectural elements, and create installations. Our goal is to help your signage contribute to the customer experience while helping people better navigate around your campus.

Call Us for Enterprise Sign Design

If you are ready to take the first steps toward environmental branding, call the experts at Creative Sign Design. We can help tell your brand story and create signage that reflects your needs. Schedule a consultation today and we can make sure your EGD studio has the bandwidth to accommodate the scale and goals of your project.

We have two locations in Florida featuring more than 50,000 square feet of our product offerings. In Tampa and Orlando, we provide a glimpse into the endless possibilities in the sign world. We have created a whole new concept in signage, one that incorporates high-tech design and top-of-the-line construction.



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