6 Creative Ways to Use Wayfinding and Exhibit Signs in a Theme Park

Theme parks capture our imaginations and show us worlds we could never dream of. Every piece of their design is a part of an immersive experience. Even the wayfinding and exhibits signs in a theme park add to that unique environment.

Wayfinding and exhibit signs in a theme park are functional. They tell people where they are and where they want to go. But, they do even more than that. With the right design concepts and environmental branding, wayfinding and exhibit signs can dramatically enhance a theme park property and improve visitor experience.

Here are six creative ways to use wayfinding and exhibit signs in a theme park.

1. Wow Visitors with a Strong First Impression

In the world of theme parks, the excitement starts as soon as families reach the parking lot. Colorful signs, upbeat music, and engaging characters greet and guide you. You can use exhibit signs in a theme park to amaze visitors at your front entrance.

During its name transition, ZooTampa at Lowry Park executives turned to Creative Sign Designs for help creating something amazing. This zoo is an iconic Tampa Bay destination, and we knew we needed to create something that would grace travel brochures and local marketing footage. The words they used were monumental and a major masterpiece at the front entrance.

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2. Highlight Safety Measures

In the world of theme parks, safety is the top priority. Guests need to have a safe day in order to have a fun day. Wayfinding and exhibit signs help visitors stay safe. They have instructions on everything from how to pull down lap bands to guidelines for feeding animals so kids don’t get bit.

The more creative the signage, the more likely it is that people will see and read the displays. A detailed sign without any unique colors or shapes will blend in, which could increase the chance of an accident. Make sure your branding carries on to all aspects of your theme park signage. This will create a better experience and help your customers in the long run.

3. Introduce New Characters and Places

Many parks have mascots, fun characters, and storylines that promote their experiences. Creative exhibit signs in a theme park can incorporate these characters and stories to continue the adventure.

When our team updated the wayfinding for LEGOLAND Florida, we made sure to include LEGO characters enjoying the adventure and helping guests find their way. This introduced the theming and helped visitors understand who these characters are.

Wayfinding and other environmental graphics are particularly important if you are introducing new characters who your guests are unfamiliar with. If your visitors don’t know who these characters are or why they should care about them, you will have a hard time increasing engagement through immersive experiences.

4. Improve Visitor Patience with Wait Time Notices

Theme parks are fun. Waiting is not. While many guests are willing to wait in long lines to enjoy new and thrilling experiences, some people can grow impatient, especially on hot summer days.

Signage plays a major role in customer care and wayfinding through lines. You can use signs to guide people and let them know how long they should expect to wait. These signs can be vague and creative (such as “Almost there! What’s around the corner?”) or provide a set estimate for how much longer until they board.

5. Educate as Well as Entertain

Theme parks serve their communities as sources of education just as much as places for entertainment. At Busch Gardens and ZooTampa, for example, visitors have opportunities to come face-to-face with animals rarely found in the wild. They learn what these animals eat, how they behave, and why conserving their habitat is so important.

Exhibit signs in a theme park contribute to this education process. Kids can learn that the male seahorse actually carries the young around in a pouch or that the cheetah is the fastest animal on land. Bright, creative signs keep families informed and fuel a love of learning that can last a lifetime.

6. Create an Immersive Experience

Running a theme park means operating a large-scale business, but your guests don’t want to think about that. They are focused on having fun, breaking away from the work and school stress of life, and exploring a new place that they have never been before.

Quality signage is meant to immerse visitors and captivate their imaginations. A great example of this is our work for Busch Gardens. They recently reopened Gwazi, the beloved wooden coaster that had been closed for maintenance. The renovations gave it iron stabilization while maintaining the structure that guests love. It was renamed Iron Gwazi, and park designers turned to us for help with the signage.

The Busch Gardens team wanted to use the structure as part of the design. During the day, a fearsome snake with glowing yellow eyes challenges guests to board this adventurous ride. At night, the snake is hidden and guests only see the glowing eyes and sharp teeth in a hooded figure above the Iron Gwazi name. Your wayfinding and exhibit signage do so much more than tell guests where to go. It makes every element part of the experience.

Use Creative Wayfinding and Exhibit Signs in Your Theme Park

At Creative Sign Designs, we are based in Florida, the theme park capital of the world. From grand-scale theme parks like Legoland to small roadside attractions, we help companies amaze visitors and create memorable experiences for families of all sizes and backgrounds.

To learn more about our work, check out our theme park signage page.

You can also reach out to our signage consultants to talk about your vision and get an estimate for your project. We want to turn your theme park dream into a reality. Let us help you with designing and building creative wayfinding and exhibit signs for your theme park. Contact Creative Sign Designs today.

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