4 Considerations for Commercial Signage in Miami

There’s a lot to take in as you explore Miami. Stunning waterways, exotic flora, and vibrant murals can all catch your eye. Even on rainy days, you are greeted with a variety of colors that show off the local beauty and culture. As you develop commercial signage in Miami, you need to take these sights and colors into consideration.

When done right, commercial signage in Miami can capture the essence of the city and make a building or complex stand out, while still fitting in. But when done wrong, it can make a business or building feel outdated and out-of-place.

If you’re creating commercial signage in Miami, consider these factors to help you create something that fits this vibrant city while still fully representing your brand.

1. Take the Diverse Culture Into Account

Miami is an incredibly vibrant and diverse city. Not only is Florida one of the most populated states, but it is also one of the fastest-growing ones. A large part of that population is based in Miami and South Florida.

Both domestic and international visitors and businesses are moving to the city. Miami International Airport is known as the gateway to South and Central America and the Caribbean. Plus, many Europeans are drawn to the climate and lifestyle. All of this is to say that a lot of diverse people are moving to the city and want to see more of the diverse culture that attracted them. As you create signage in South Florida, think about how you can appeal to the diverse audiences of both residents and visitors.

2. Embrace Vibrant Colors and Lights

Because the city is known for its vibrant lifestyles and culture, commercial signage in Miami can be brighter and more colorful than other cities. There’s more flexibility for coming up with creative interior and exterior signage that can catch the eye.

It’s not just South Beach that is known for its neon signs and flashing lights anymore.

  • You can find pops of bright pinks, oranges, and purples contrasting the lush green vegetation and crystal blue waters or clear skies.
  • Let the local region inspire you. Pull from the natural wonder of flowers and shells – or the fashion of people living there.
  • Drive around the city, look at other sign designs inspired by Southern Florida coastlines, and make a note of what companies do well and what you want to improve on.

Use these ideas to develop vibrant commercial signage in Miami that attracts the eye and makes people curious about what you have to offer.

3. Don’t Let Your Signage Become Outdated

In Miami, looks are everything. Make sure how you present yourself reflects your brand values and conveys a positive first impression to win people over. Don’t let your signage become outdated or dull.

Regularly update your signage to keep up with trends and changing culture, and make sure the signage is big enough to be seen from the road and stands out compared to others in your area.

In some cases, this might be as simple as buying a fresh coat of paint so your storefront looks as nice as your sign. It could also mean cleaning up or modernizing your building to create a positive first impression for your customers.

Consider new trends in signage, and see if it’s time for your building to incorporate new design elements such as:

  • Architectural elements such as decorative covers, metal screens, meshes, grilles, and vision barriers.
  • Colorful lighting solutions that accent your buildings in vibrant colors like purple, green, and red.
  • Illuminated signage that brightens up the facade or entrance to your building.

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4. Use Traffic to Your Advantage

Miami is a large, spread out metro area. Exciting neighborhoods, attractions, and nightlife are found all across the city. There is no single place where people work and then play. Residents often travel across the city to visit different neighborhoods and communities. The spread out nature of Miami leads many residents to drive around the city to get where they need to go.

The city of Miami is working on its urban wayfinding along with its transit signage to help visitors and locals alike better reach their destination. But for now, traffic can be a problem in Miami. According to Moovit’s 2019 Global Public Transport report, Miami is home to the worst commute in the nation.

But, you can use this to your advantage when developing commercial signage in Miami. Position your signage to catch the attention of local transit. See how you can use signage to:

  • Get the attention of commuters on the highway
  • Also attract customers on foot and people who rely on public transit
  • Become a neighborhood landmark
  • Appeal to neighborhood residents

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Get Creative With Commercial Signage in Miami

Any city from Tokyo to Berlin requires businesses to get creative with their signage in order to get noticed, but Miami takes this to a whole new level.

Miami is a large and vibrant city. Its residents embrace color in how they choose their building colors and outfits each day. Keep this in mind as you develop commercial signage in Miami. Your brand could easily get swallowed up in the stimulation and excitement of the city if you aren’t careful and strategic with how you design your signs.

If you need help, turn to Creative Sign Designs.

We have worked with South Florida businesses for several years. We understand the feel of various neighborhoods and what residents need in order for your brand to get noticed. When you work with Creative Sign Designs, you will have an ally on the creative front of South Florida.

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