How Signage Can Make Multifamily Buildings Feel More Luxurious

With the right signage, developers of multifamily buildings can project a luxurious feel that attracts high-end clientele and drives up rent and purchase rates. Along with directing people, signage tells residents about a brand and the value it provides. It can make potential residents feel like the property offers something more valuable than any other complex in the area.

Here are six ways you can use multifamily building signage to make your brand feel luxurious, attract residents, and quickly fill up your units.

1. Convey Luxury and Status Through Your Entranceway

First impressions are essential with multifamily building signage. You need to let potential residents know the value of your complex and sell them on the cost of rent or the sales price. If people drive past a beat-up sign or an outdated entryway, they won’t think your building is as luxurious as others in the area.

Within urban areas, and particularly within higher-end communities, signage becomes a landmark in the community and allows people to differentiate your building from others in the area.

These residents will think of your building first when they are looking to rent or buy and can direct other people there as a good starting point. In areas like South Florida, residents give directions based on the various neighborhoods and notable buildings. Your multifamily complex could be one of the buildings people use to direct visitors and friends alike.

Your entryway is both a marketing tool for future residents and an assurance to people who arrive for a visit.

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2. Follow Modern Trends in Color Choice and Backlighting

If you are looking to modernize your entryway and other prominent signage around your complex, consider a few of the popular trends used by urban developers.

Backlighting is very on-trend now, which is when you set up lights behind the sign to contrast the wording of the building name. For example, if your building is called “The Oasis,” it may use blue backlighting at night against a white sign. This is a popular style for signage in South Florida.

Check out the lighting work used by Volaris Starkey Ranch in Odessa, Florida. The black lettering contrasts against the tan cabinet by day and then pops with white backlighting by night. You can see similar backlighting with the Current Hotel.

Backlighting works best when your signage plays with modern color trends. This includes contrasting bright colors against neutral blacks or whites or using the color wheel to create appealing pallets of complementary colors.

3. Create a Community Feel With Branded Exterior Wayfinding

If you manage a multifamily complex with multiple buildings or one building that spans a large space, consider using wayfinding signage to make residents feel like they are living in a small town or close-knit community.

You can use signage to direct customers to various amenities, including the pool, gym, tennis courts, or dog park. Wayfinding is also beneficial for guiding residents to their units.

The design you choose for your wayfinding can heighten the sense of luxury that you convey. Consider the signs used in high-end golf courses like the Augusta National Golf Club. These are painted green and white to blend in with the carefully-manicured courses and pathways that top-tier players expect. The signs need to be clear and big enough for people to notice them, but small enough that they don’t distract from the natural beauty.

Wayfinding also helps your sales process. After the first impression in the entryway, potential residents will need clear wayfinding to reach your rental office or the condo they are looking to buy.

4. Be Mindful of Small Signs, Too

Once residents use wayfinding to reach the various amenities that you offer, keep up the luxury branding with smaller signage around and inside of your building.

For example, help residents find the sauna, changing rooms, and towels within your pool complex. Let pet parents find baggies to scoop poop with a clearly labeled sign. These small guides take very little effort on the part of your staff members to set up, but they make a significant difference in how your residents navigate your building or community.

Not only does the style and display of your multifamily building signage contribute to the overall experience of residents, but it also highlights all of the amenities that you have. Adding a charging station near the playground or a car wash station adds value to the rent or mortgages that residents pay. Drawing attention to these amenities emphasizes the luxurious add-ons that the people living there can enjoy.

5. Help Residents Feel at Home

While you may face certain regulations for color choice and signage within the city where you develop, the designs you choose within your building are all yours.

You can develop guides for residents that match your brand and promote the luxurious feel you are looking for. If you manage a hyper-modern residency, then you may want to play up the wayfinding with large numbers and bright, dramatic colors. However, this might not be your favorite choice if your target audience is older and more affluent residents.

Look at the branded signage we made for LEGOLAND Florida. The font and sign design keep with the theme of the building, while the sign size appeals to younger kids who are traveling with parents. The whole family stays immersed in the brand even down to the minute details.

6. Regularly Update Multifamily Building Signage To Keep It Feeling Luxurious

The main challenge of investing in signage that creates a sense of luxury is that the signage can wear down easily.

The materials can rust, color trends can change, and the elements can wear down your entranceway. If you are trying to promote a luxurious lifestyle within your complex, see if your signage needs to be updated. You may be surprised how a new sign and a fresh coat of paint can upgrade a property to make it look new and high-end.

If you’re looking to update your multifamily building signage, contact Creative Sign Designs today and ask for a quote. You can also look through our portfolio of work to see other examples of signage that can inspire new ideas for making your complex or building feel more luxurious.

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